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The INEOS Nitriles Site at Seal Sands occupies 268 acres located in the North East of England. Monsanto constructed the original AN 4 plant on this site in the early 1970's which was both replaced by AN 6 and expanded in the 1980's by BASF. INEOS purchased the site in 2008.

The facility offers many competitive advantages, producing electricity for both site consumption and export, river access with deep water port for ships up to 7000 tonnes, an excellent road network with access to the UK and Europe together with pipe line connections to suppliers, customers and local storage facilities, enabling safe and cost effective material and product transportation. Seal Sands produces up to 300 kilotons of Acrylonitrile per year, which is the key ingredient for Acrylic Fibres used to make clothing and carpets, ABS plastics for automobile components, telephone and computer casings and Carbon Fibre used in aerospace, aircraft, automotive industry, sports goods and windmill blades. The AN process also enables the production of other products, including: Acetonitrile as a solvent in the production of insulin and antibiotics, Acetonecyanohydrin for plastics and Ammonium Sulphate with is developed into fertiliser for the agricultural industry. The site is also home to a Hexamethylenediamine Plant, producing industrial nylon, which is operated by INEOS on behalf of BASF SE.

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INEOS Nitriles

World's largest producer of acrylonitrile & acetonitrile

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