Product Innovation

INEOS businesses are developing ways of recycling post-consumer plastics, reusing by-products, and incorporating renewable feedstocks. We understand that no single method is sufficient to meet the challenge of moving to a bio-based and circular economy, so we are developing several routes to reach our circularity targets. We invest in parallel in reuse, recycling and recovery technologies, each suited to a different fraction of the plastic and chemical waste which is collected and prepared for circularity throughout our value chain.

A major focus is to combine high performance with a lower carbon footprint, improved recyclability, and high recycled content. For example, we have developed new grades of ABS containing recycled material that still fulfil the stringent specifications our customers’ high-performance applications.

INEOS has joined forces with other leading businesses and governments from across the world who want to transform today's take, make, dispose economy into one where chemicals, and plastics in particular, are designed to be used over and over again – and, in doing so, retain their value while avoiding the environmental impact of incineration or landfill.

The magic of change with INEOS Styrolution ECO