Our Strategy

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Who is INEOS Energy?

- A unique E&P business operating in the UK, US and Denmark
- Integrated global energy trading business to strengthen our position in the market
- Producer & trader of oil, gas, LNG and carbon credits
- We take unwanted assets and optimise them to run more safely, reliably and efficiently
- World leading with a Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) project in Denmark
- Highly talented & motivated team in the UK, US and Denmark
- A strategic investor in the LSE listed clean hydrogen fund, HydrogenOne Capital

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How we plan to grow?

- Increase our market share by acquiring further Oil & Gas assets
- Expanding further into the LNG and new energies markets in order to remain at the forefront of decarbonisation
- Streamlining our business by cutting waste and improving operations to diversify and extend the life of our assets
- Develop our CCS expertise to establish a long-term commercially viable business
- Use our trading teams expertise to access new energy and low carbon opportunities

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Why we are a sustainable business

- The most recent UN & IEA scenarios show that the world will still need Oil & Gas beyond 2050
- Oil and gas companies will remain a part of the energy transition era
- We aim to be the lowest cost producer in the market, to stay competitive as the energy transition continues
- Adhere to INEOS Group's commitments to net zero targets by 2050
- We expect hydrogen, ammonia and biogas to become fuels of the future and we plan to make these a key part of our energy portfolio
- Continue to learn from our investment in the HydrogenOne Capital Fund


Low Carbon

A world leading carbon capture and storage project in the Danish North Sea.

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