Enguard™ FR series gelcoats contain mineral fillers and halogenated compounds that help to suppress both smoke and flame requirements when used in conjunction with a fire-retardant laminating system.

Enguard™ FR Series Gelcoats

This sophisticated product was developed to support industries and applications where safety standards are an integral component to success.

As further evidence to their effectiveness, laminates made with Enguard™ FR series gelcoats have met a V-0 self extinguishing UL-94 rating within 10 seconds with no dripping. Laminates made with the Enguard™ FR series gelcoats have also met the ASTM E162-98 (Flame Spread) and ASTM E662-97 (Smoke Density) criteria for mass transit applications and ASTM E84-01 (Flame Spread) Class 1 for Enguard™ FR series colors, Class II for Enguard™ series whites.