The Power of Hydrogen

Who we are

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INEOS is Europe’s largest operator of industrial electrolysis, the technology necessary to produce renewable hydrogen, and we are growing our business by using our expertise in production and innovation to develop water electrolysis capacity for renewable hydrogen production across Europe.

Using our expertise in hydrogen production, technology and storage, we are driving changes that will help enable industrial electrolysis and fuel-cell powered transport, a reality. Today INEOS produces around 400,000 tonnes of hydrogen a year with new electrolysis projects across Norway, Germany, Belgium, and future plants planned in the UK and France.

As both a user and producer of hydrogen, it puts us in a unique position at the heart of Europe’s hydrogen transformation.

We are helping lead the transition to a hydrogen-powered economy.

Why choose Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a sustainable alternative solution to traditional fossil fuels – that supports decarbonisation and helps us reach a Net Zero economy.

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