Why Shale Gas?

Shale gas offer

INEOS plans £2.5 billion shale gas giveaway

  • Jim Ratcliffe talks about INEOS £2.5bn Shale gas offer

    INEOS, one of the world’s largest chemicals company, has today announced plans to give 6% of its Shale gas revenues to homeowners, landowners & communities who live above its Shale gas operations. It anticipates being a major player in the Shale gas industry and believes it will give away over £2.5 billion over the life of its business. The sharing of Shale gas profits is commonplace in the USA.

    INEOS Shale press release

    Sky TV interview with Tom Crotty 29th September

  • Sunday Times' article on shale

    Jim Ratcliffe talks to The Sunday Times' about shale

    Read the complete Sunday Times' article with INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe. Published Sunday 28th September, Jim discusses the strong case for fracking within the UK and the significant benefits that can be delivered for landowners and the local community as a result.

    Read the full length article

  • INEOS and Shale Press Conference

    INEOS moves to become the biggest player in the UK Shale Gas Industry

    On the 20th November 2014 INEOS held a historic press conference where it announced that it was planning to invest $1 billion in UK onshore Shale gas exploration and appraisal. Substantial further investment would follow if the company moved into development and production. If INEOS wins all the Petroleum Exploration and Development licences (PEDLs) it has bid for from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), the company would become the biggest player in the UK’s Shale gas industry.

    INEOS to become biggest player in UK Shale

    BBC Radio 4 Today Programme - Interview with Jim Ratcliffe

  • Leading The UK Shale Gas Revolution

    UK Shale Gas can transform UK Manufacturing

    This short film outlines our knowledge and experience in running complex petrochemical facilities, coupled with the world class sub surface expertise we have recently added to our team.

    Jim Ratcliffe, INEOS founder and chairman, says, “I want INEOS to be the biggest player in the UK Shale gas industry. I think Shale gas could revolutionise UK manufacturing as it has done in the USA. I believe INEOS has the resources to make it happen, the skills to extract the gas safely and the vision to realise that everyone must share in the rewards.”

    BBC Radio 4 Today Programme - Interview with Jim Ratcliffe

Why Shale?

Supporting UK Manufacturing

  • Supporting Manufacturing in the UK

    INEOS intends to move into shale gas extraction to secure a supply of competitive energy and feedstock for its UK petrochemicals businesses. It operates some of the most energy-intensive assets in the UK, including one of only two gas crackers in the country, which makes it particularly well positioned to benefit from on-shore gas extraction as part of its wider business strategy.

    Over the past few years as the North Sea’s supply of ethane has dwindled INEOS has been forced to run its plant at Grangemouth at half rates, with limited supply of raw materials necessary to produce its products. With an abundant supply of ethane emerging from the USA from shale gas, INEOS has now investedin new import terminals at its sites in the UK and Norway, as the only way to bring in sufficient gas to maintain a competitive, global olefins and polymers business. It is not only a lack of raw materials that is the issue. Energy, in the form of gas, in Europe is three times higher than the USA today, whilst electricity is 50% higher. About 85% of UK homes rely upon gas for heating or cooking, and our indigenous UK supply from the North Sea has now dwindled to less than 50% of our demand. So we are importing more from overseas.

    People want a secure affordable and reliable energy supply. We have a clean energy resource in the UK shale that is ready for development, and this can bring a wide range of benefits to the country.

    UK shale can help to protect manufacturing and jobs by securing competitive secure energy and raw materials.

    INEOS is keen to be part of this development and we will be pursuing sensible opportunities to safely develop shale gas for the company and for the country.

    The Government has recognised that shale gas has the potential to provide the UK with greater energy security, growth and jobs, and help the UK’s chemical and energy-intensive UK manufacturing industry to succeed. Done properly, responsible shale gas extraction within a strict regulatory framework presents significant opportunity for the UK with minimal environmental impact.

Hydraulic Fracturing: The Facts

A short film that questions misinformation about shale gas

  • Hydraulic Fracturing: The Facts

    There is widespread concern about the environmental risks of fracking based on misinformation, which is at odds with the scientific consensus that extraction is safe and compatible with our climate change ambitions. At the same time, there is poor understanding of the need for gas in the UK, and the economic/security benefits of using domestic gas rather than increasingly relying on imports. This short film presents the facts.



INEOS' INCH Shale Gas Articles

  • Exploring The Options

    Radical thinking on INEOS’ part in 2009 will start to pay dividends next year when the first shipments of low-cost ethane from the US begin arriving at Rafnes in Norway to help reduce operating costs at INEOS’ gas crackers in Europe. But why stop there? That’s the question INEOS is now asking itself.

    Read more about INEOS Shale and its plans in this article that appeared earlier this year in INCH, the company's magazine.

    INCH 6: Experts explore options

  • INEOS' Pledge

    Dwindling supplies of ethane gas from the North Sea has threatened the competitiveness of INEOS manufacturing units in Grangemouth (Scotland) and Rafnes (Norway). In addition, across Europe, spiralling energy costs continue to threaten the very future of its petrochemical industry. The issue is widely acknowledged by those manufacturing businesses trying to compete in global markets. But as many wait for a political solution, INEOS is taking action, now, to protect its business before it is too late.

    Read more about INEOS's pledge in this article from the latest INCH magazine:

    INCH 7: Shale Gas: The Game Changer

  • Land of Opportunity

    Having already clinched game-changing, 15-year deals with America to import its low-cost, shale gas-based ethane, INEOS decided it was time to take a look at how the US did it and what lessons Europe could learn. Ships, which the world has never seen before, leave America’s shores for the first time next year. On board each vessel will be thousands of tons of liquefied ethane destined for INEOS’ gas crackers in Europe to help provide raw materials that are running out in the North Sea and to reduce the operating costs of its gas crackers.

    Read more about Shale Gas in Europe, in this article from the latest INCH magazine:

    INCH 7: A Land of Opportunity

  • World Leading Pioneers

    The three world-leading experts, who are credited with perfecting shale gas extraction in America, are now working exclusively for INEOS in Europe. Over the next five years petroleum engineer Nick Steinsberger and geologists Kent Bowker and Dan Steward will be advising INEOS how best to safely access Britain’s vast reserves.

    All three worked for Mitchell Energy & Development, which pioneered the most effective method for safely extracting shale gas in the Barnett Shale in America and led to the development of the shale gas boom in US.

    Read more about INEOS' team, in this article from the latest INCH magazine:

    INCH 7: World-leading pioneers join INEOS’ team

What INEOS brings to Shale Gas

A manufacturing company operating to the highest Safety and environmental standards

  • A manufacturing business

    It operates top tier COMAH sites across Britain which brings with it a wealth of expertise in safely handling and storing flammable, pressurised gases. Our sites operate to the highest environmental standards backed by sophisticated environmental systems and a strict monitoring and reporting regime. Coupled with INEOS’ strong safety focus and high engineering standards means that INEOS brings something unique to this emerging industry.

    Few companies in the UK have our expertise above ground but INEOS has also brought substantial experience into the team, below ground. Experts from Mitchell Energy, the company credited with perfecting shale gas extraction in the USA are now working for us. Drilling expert Nick Steinsberger and geologists Kent Bowker and Dan Steward are working exclusively with INEOS’ own experienced on-shore gas exploration team to ensure the highest standards are applied to our operations.

    • INEOS plants strategically located close within UKs industrial heartlands, close to shale gas resources.
    • Safety is the highest priority.
    • INEOS operates top tier COMAH plants within a strict environmental monitoring regime.
    • INEOS aims to be a good neighbour to build the trust of communities living and working close to its sites.
    • INEOS owns water treatment facilities, abstraction and disposal points around the UK sites
    • INEOS well capitalised and motivated.
    • INEOS has unparalleled experience above ground and on-shore gas exploration and extraction.
  • Big Boats: A Bold Plan

    Whilst European gas production is crumbling, America's is booming. INEOS has a bold, pioneering plan: to ship US ethane gas to Europe bringing competitive advantage from America into Europe. The company has secured 15 year contracts for the purchase, distribution and shipping of ethane from the US, underpinning the economics of its petrochemicals assets in Europe for many years to come. This first, in a series of short films looks at the design and build of highly advanced, sustainable vessels that will be essential in supporting the INEOS plan. They are the largest, most flexible, advanced multigas carriers ever built.