Covid-19: INEOS Community Fund

Determined to do our bit to support the local communities around our sites to deal with and recover from the social challenges caused by the pandemic, we created a £1m Community Fund. Our employees helped us identify and support local organisations most in need in their communities, and we delivered 159 lifeline grants through 2020. 

2020 challenged yet connected us like never before. Alongside INEOS’ "Hands On!" Covid-19 response making vital supplies of hand sanitizer, we were determined to do our bit to support the local communities around our sites to deal with and recover from the unique challenges caused by the pandemic. 

We know that local charities and community organisations have a special role to play in reaching some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, developing trusted relationships and implementing practical support programmes that work well. We also knew that the pandemic would threaten the very existence of some of these vital organisations through practical constraints and missed fundraising. 

INEOS therefore created a £1m Community Fund. We asked our employees to help us identify and support local organisations most in need near their site or office, awarding grants of up to £10,000 (or local currency equivalent) to see them through the toughest months. 

We asked for applications to the fund to address urgent social need created by the pandemic. This included providing protection and care for the elderly, homeless, disabled and otherwise vulnerable, supporting food banks with increased demand, providing domestic abuse and mental health support, and funding existing services such as hospices and care homes who were struggling with funding as a result of the pandemic. 

We were overwhelmed by the positive response and proactivity of our sites. In the end 67 of our sites across 15 countries engaged with the fund, developing thorough and thoughtful applications, and ultimately sharing the £1m through 159 high impact grants. 





Causes Supported

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Food Banks and Basics

69 (including homeless shelters, financial support to individuals/families for basics and paying bills, all services enabling the poor and vulnerable to maintain their independence)

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Mental Health Services

18 (mental health support services for individuals and families)

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Disability Care

17 (including social and practical services, residential homes)

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12 (ensuring vulnerable children have access to educational opportunities to thrive)

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Nursing Homes and Elderly Care

9 (keeping elderly safe, healthy, also mobile and independent)



8 (including essential childcare enabling children to work, through to residential children’s services and poverty support for youth)


Domestic Violence

7 (shelters for women, men and families, as well as related psychological support)

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Cancer Care

6 (including child cancer care)

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General Healthcare Services

6 (including hospital support funds)



6 (end of life care and family support)

Charities and Foundations

Charities And Foundations

Through our programmes, partnerships and philanthropic donations, INEOS supports a diverse range of health, education, conservation and...