The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a simple but groundbreaking initiative, encouraging primary schools and nurseries to take children outside running for just 15 minutes each day. The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and well-being of children in the UK and around the world – regardless of age or personal circumstances- and create healthy habits for life. It is a simple and effective programme that any school can implement for free, and its impact can be transformational - improving not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general well-being.

The Daily Mile Foundation is a charity, established by Elaine Wyllie, the Pride of Britain Award winning former head teacher of St Ninians School in Scotland where The Daily Mile first began.Elaine wants every child to have the opportunity to run or walk a mile each day, and has seen the initiative work in the long term in a wide variety of schools. Supported by INEOS, she is now working with a small team to build a Daily Mile community in the UK and beyond, with schools, local councils, sports bodies and other charities.

INEOS is backing The Daily Mile campaign due to its passionate belief in the importance of getting children active and healthy from a young age. It also supports this cause through its own children’s running initiative, GO Run for Fun (link to GRFF page), which organises 2 km fun runs free to schoolchildren across the globe.

The Daily Mile is successful because it is simple and free:

  • It takes place over just 15 minutes, with children averaging a mile each day.
  • Children run outside in the fresh air – and the weather is a benefit, not a barrier.
  • There’s no set up, tidy up, or equipment required.
  • Children run in their uniforms so no kit or changing time is needed.
  • It’s social, non-competitive and fun.
  • It’s fully inclusive; every child, whatever their circumstances, age or ability, succeeds at The Daily Mile.
  • Schools build The Daily Mile into their day in the way that best suits, and can link it to the curriculum.

For further information visit The Daily mile site at: