INEOS Calabrian produces sulfur dioxide through a proprietary process called SO2Clean®. Rather than burning sulfur using ambient air - like most companies do - INEOS Calabrian creates a chemical reaction between sulfur and pure oxygen. As pure oxygen is more sterile this leads to consistently exceptional purity levels of sulfur dioxide and its derivatives. By using the best raw materials - and maintaining tight control over their production - INEOS Calabrian guarantees high quality and consistency of its products.

The unique SO2Clean® process has a very low environmental impact. Neither nitrogen nor sulfur trioxides are produced. There's no process wastewater, so nothing is discharged into waterways. The SO2Clean® process requires less water overall, and creates less landfill waste too. In days of increased consumer scrutiny, using raw materials with a low environmental footprint will benefit your organization.

Both facilities use INEOS Calabrian's proprietary SO2Clean® process.


The Port Neches plant is a major production site of sulfur dioxide and related derivatives. The facility manufactures sulfur dioxide and derivatives such as sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite and sodium thiosulfate and serves customers in both North and South America. It employs around 70 people on 20 acres in the Texas Gulf Coast region.



The Timmins Site is a state of the art sulfur dioxide production facility in Timmins, Ontario. Customers in Canada are able to source material within the region and help support the local economy. The site occupies 5 acres and employs around 20 people.


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INEOS Calabrian is a leading supplier of sulfur dioxide and related derivatives: sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite and sodium thiosulfate.
Innovative sulfur technology leader providing environmental and supply chain solutions for customers in the water, mining, and oilfield markets.
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