INEOS Compounds is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of PVC Compounds.

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We supply a broad range of standard and tailor made products designed specifically for your needs and provide rapid global support.

INEOS Compounds has completely renewed its manufacturing facilities, and following the combination with Doeflex Compounding in September 2014, are now capable of effectively producing over 10,000 varying formulations - including key Medical types out of Newton Aycliffe (UK), Helsingborg (Sweden) and Sins (Switzerland).

Production is split between rigid compounds, mainly used for pipe, rolling shutter, bottle and window profile applications and flexible compounds, mainly used for cables, medical and footwear applications. Compounds can be supplied as either granulates or powders and are available in a wide range of packaging to suit our customer’s needs.


Financially INEOS Compounds continues to be a healthy and profitable company. Our past successes, our willingness to listen to our customers and to meet their needs now - and in the future - offers us confidence in a continued healthy future.

With an investment in excess of 4 million Euros, INEOS Compounds has launched the first step of an impressive industrial programme. The target is to install a new generation of equipment, allowing various customers' demands to be satisfied; and to succeed in the leadership of one of the most challenging markets.

Vision and Values

INEOS Compounds follows a systematic approach in all its activities - research & development, production, commercial and finance.

Our Key Values

  • Excellence in Total Quality Management (ISO 9001)
  • Constant rigorous control of the quality processes
  • Focus on customer satisfaction, total quality and reliability
  • Technical supplier capable of offering economic advantages

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