FPS Maintenance Plans

We are making this statement now as we recognise that there is increased interest in the maintenance plans of INEOS FPS due to the system shutdown that will take place in June 2020.

Given the importance of the Forties Pipeline System to the UK which delivers approximately 40% of the UK’s Oil and Gas, we take great care in planning, well in advance, any maintenance on the system that might affect its operation. We share this information on our website: so that our customers, the UK Authorities and other stakeholders are clear on our plans and can take this into account during their own planning.

The shutdown that will take place in mid June 2020, and will last for 3 weeks, is required to carry out essential maintenance and upgrades to the system.  This is part of a co-ordinated plan by INEOS to invest £500 million pounds on the Forties Pipeline System so that it remains safe and reliable to 2040 and beyond.  FPS has been giving notice of this system shutdown for several years.

We do not make comments on the day to day operations of the FPS assets or on the operations of any of our customers.

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