Green Hydrogen Truck means Zero CO2 emissions for INEOS Inovyn PVC deliveries between Tavaux and Dijon

  • INEOS Inovyn is to become the first company in Europe to use a hydrogen truck for PVC transportation. The new truck was presented at this year’s INOVYN Awards ceremony on 20 October.
  • Deliveries with the new truck will begin at the end of Q1 2023, from INEOS Inovyn’s PVC production plant in Tavaux to Benvic’s plant in Dijon.
  • It is expected that 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions will be saved each year thanks to this initiative.
  • Similar projects are already foreseen in the Netherlands and Belgium.

60 tonnes of CO2 will be saved every year when INEOS Inovyn brings its new Hydrogen truck into service to deliver PVC from its production plant in Tavaux to Benvic’s PVC compound plant in Dijon.  From April 2023, this carbon dioxide emissions from the deliveries will be reduced to zero.

To make this possible, INEOS Inovyn partnered with Benvic and leading industrial logistics company GCA Trans Service to produce a new hydrogen-powered truck. The new truck will be built based on a DAF chassis in which the diesel motor will be replaced by hydrogen fuel cells. The truck, which will be refueled at a local station in Dijon providing 100% green hydrogen, has a range of 500 km between two refills.

Geir Tuft, CEO of INEOS Inovyn, said, “This is a historical moment for our company. The use of hydrogen trucks for product deliveries is a key part of our sustainability roadmap which aims to drastically reduce our CO2 footprint over the next few years. The Tavaux truck will be leading the way, and we have already planned similar projects with other customers in Benelux.”

Luc Mertens, CEO of Benvic, said, “This initiative between BENVIC and INEOS Inovyn is a perfect fit with all our ESG actions, and also improves the environmental performance of our product. We work continuously to innovate our range of sustainable compounds in every way and logistics is a key factor so we very proud to be one of the first INEOS Inovyn partners to engage in hydrogen-based technology for our deliveries.”

All customers and partners are welcomed to join the initiative and work together with INEOS Inovyn to ensure CO2-free deliveries across sites.

Geir Tuft, CEO of INEOS Inovyn, says, “Supplying hydrogen to the transport market is a key step in our new INEOS Hydrogen business strategy which also includes new hydrogen production from water electrolysis, as well as hydrogen storage and development of downstream supply into chemicals.”




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