INEOS Nitriles is proud to offer bio-attributed Acrylonitrile produced from sustainable feedstocks at our production facilities in Köln, Germany and Green Lake, Texas.

Invireo_logo-removebg-preview.pngOur new product range, named Invireo TM , delivers significant carbon footprint reduction vs traditional fossil Acrylonitrile. Invireo TM is produced using an ISCC+ certified mass balance approach.

Mass Balance Approach

The mass balance approach employs a chain of custody model which allows a mixture of both sustainable and fossil-based feedstocks to enter the manufacturing process. It is an essential tool in transitioning to a more sustainable supply chain.

This approach also ensures that Invireo TM meets the same quality standards as our standard grades, which our customers can rely on. A drop-in solution allows faster adoption of a more sustainable value chain.

In Koln we are using a sustainable propylene feedstock which provides more than a 90% reduction in overall carbon footprint compared to fossil-derived Acrylonitrile.

A Sustainable Mindset

With governments and consumers demanding more sustainable industrial products, INEOS Nitriles has responded by developing Invireo TM . This facilitates the reduction of the overall carbon footprint of the entire supply chain of many consumer goods which are essential to modern life today.

INEOS Nitriles remains committed to accelerating progress towards a lower carbon future, whilst continuing to serve our customers’ needs.

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For more information about Invireo, please contact Alice Dibben, Sustainability Manager for INEOS Nitriles, or your Account Manager Representative.

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