INEOS Oligomers doubles the size of its Isoamylene Plant

Today, INEOS Oligomers announced that it had doubled the size of its Isoamlyene (IA) unit at the INEOS site in Cologne, Germany.  “This expansion cements our position as a world scale producer of IA” stated Bob Learman, CEO of INEOS Oligomers.  “The unit will exploit the C5 feed on-site integration with the local Cologne crackers, that provides advantages in terms of feed cost and security of supply.  These feed advantages, coupled with our proprietary technology and excellent logistics capability, will enable us to competitively supply IA around the world”, he emphasized.

“This expansion will enable us to keep pace with the long term growth of IA consumption anticipated by our customers” commented Joe Walton, Business Director of INEOS Oligomers.  “Isoamylene is used as a raw material in a wide range of specialty markets including: fragrances, pesticides, peroxides, polymer antioxidants and hydrocarbon resins” he added. 

“The expansion was done during a recent five week turnaround at the unit” remarked Karel Brabant, Operations Director of INEOS Oligomers.  “The work was completed safely, efficiently and on budget.  This result is a testament to the high operational and engineering standards upheld at the Cologne site.   In addition to the IA unit, INEOS Oligomers also operates on site the largest Diisobutylene plant in Europe and a Cyclopentane unit.” he concluded.

INEOS Oligomers is a part of INEOS Group Holdings S.A.


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