Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs /SDSs) are available for all INEOS Oligomers' products (Linear Alpha Olefins, Amodrill® Drilling Fluids, Durasyn® Polyalphaolefins, Silkflo® Polydecenes, Indopol® Polybutenes, Panalane® Hydrogenated Polybutenes, and Specialty Oligomers) and describe the health, safety and environmental characteristics of these products as well as advice on handling precautions and emergency procedures. MSDSs should be consulted and fully understood before handling, storage or use of Oligomers products. MSDS/SDS may be obtained by visiting the MSDS website, or to request a MSDS/SDS for a specific product, send an email.

SHE Principles

Behavioral safety

1. We believe all incidents and injuries can be prevented

2. Everyone's first responsibility is to ensure they work safely

3. Everyone has the duty to stop work if they feel the situation is unsafe

4. The expectations and standards are the same for everyone on the site

5. Rules and procedures must be observed and respected

6. We should look out for each other's safety and unsafe situations

7. All injuries and incidents /near misses must be reported and investigated

8. Risk assessment must be carried out prior to, during and on completion of work

9. All team leaders have a special responsibility for promoting and upholding these principles

10. We must always work within the limit of our competency and training

Process Safety

The basis of process safety is asset integrity and avoiding loss of containment

  • The asset operating manager is responsible for its overall integrity
  • The asset engineers are responsible for maintaining the asset and protective systems integrity
  • The responsibilities in the organization for defining and maintaining the correct operating envelopes must be clear
  • Operating procedures and envelopes must be observed. Deviations must be reported and investigated 
  • Any changes must be properly risk assessed and subjected to MOC procedures 
  • Process hazards are systematically identified, risk assessed, reviewed and managed
  • All assets must be subject to periodic inspection designed to ensure their integrity and the reliability of their protective systems
  • Operations must always place the safe operation or shutdown of the asset ahead of production
  • When in doubt the asset must always be taken to its safest state
  • We have emergency plans based on assessed risks which are regularly tested

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is the chemical industry's commitment to continual improvement in all aspects of safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance and to openness in communication concerning its activities and achievements.

Being a member of the CEFIC federation (Conseil Européen des Fédérations de l’Industrie Chimie), INEOS Oligomers completely endorses the Business Charter for Sustainable Development – Principles for Environmental Management, from the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). These initiatives provide a clear yardstick for continuous improvement of environmental performance in industrial companies.


Environmental performance is an important part of the Zero Harm Philosophy.

Using compliance with legislation as a minimum, the business strives to improve its environmental performance at each of its sites by working within or towards the internationally recognized standard for Environmental Management, IS014001.

In line with our goal of SHE excellence, INEOS Oligomers is committed to continual improvement in environmental performance and prevention of pollution from our business activities.

Product Stewardship

INEOS Oligomers product stewardship encompasses a broad spectrum of services to customers, stakeholders and others who handle our products. A range of specialists is available to provide expert advice on product SHE issues. Our Product Regulatory Compliance staff is available for discussions on issues related to compliance with industrial chemical control regulations and regulations pertaining to food contact, cosmetic and agricultural uses. With our extensive experience in these areas, we realize that the regulatory compliance requirements are important and we can advise customers on specific issues relating to the use of our products.


INEOS Oligomers is committed to meeting customer requirements, both internal and external, for all products and services at all times. All production and service units have been ISO9000 version 2008 certified.

These achievements are made possible with:

  • The skill and competency of our people
  • An adapted and precise program of training
  • A process for continuous improvement with the best technology
North American Manufacturing Facilities File
LaPorte PAO 9001:2015
Joffre LAO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015
European Manufacturing Facilities File
Koeln Specialty Oligomers 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 & 50001:2011
Lavera PIB 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 & 50001:2017
Feluy LAO/PAO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015


INEOS Product Stewardship responsibly manages HSE issues and activities related to the supply and marketing of products, including HSE, R&D, marketing and manufacturing functions, thus embracing every stage of the petrochemical product lifecycle. For more information, please call 1-866-363-2454 Toll Free – (North America), +32 (0)67 875 980 (Europe), +86 21 6103 5970 (Asia), or send an email.