Here is a brief history of our business purchases and achievements

  1. Acquisition on Momentive Performance Materials Inc. alkoxylation assets in Zwijndrecht, Antwerp

  2. Expansion of the alkoxylation capacity in Zwijndrecht, Belgium

    Acquisition of the INESCO combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) on the INEOS Zwijndrecht site in Antwerp

    Acquisition of Wilmar alkoxylation assets in Lavera, France

  3. Expansion of Ethyl Acetate capacity in Hull, UK

  4. Acquisition of Arkema’s share in the Oxochemie joint-venture in Lavera, France

  5. Expansion of the Ethylidene Norbornene (ENB) plant in Antwerp, increasing its capacity to 28,000 tonnes

  6. Completed the investment in the deep sea Ethylene Terminal in Antwerp


    Construction starts of INEOS Oxide's deep sea Ethylene Terminal at its Zwijndrecht facility

  7. sitealt.png

    INEOS acquires Ethyl Acetate Plant at Saltend, Hull from BP

  8. sitealt.png

    INEOS acquires the EO/EG business from BP in Köln

  9. INEOS acquires INNOVENE, including a PO/PG Plant in Köln and EO, Glycol Ethers, Glycol Ether Esters, Oxo-Alcohol and EOA Plant in Lavéra

  10. 400320.png

    Acquisition of Dow Chemicals global Ethanolamine and US/Canadian Gas/SPECTM Gas treating Amines businesses

    EO/EG Plant expanded to 400/320 KTPA

  11. 300300.png

    INEOS acquires the Antwerp site and expands the EO/EG plants to 300/300 KTPA

  12. site.png

    Inspec Group acquires the Antwerp site and expands the EO/EG Plants to 200/200 KTPA

  13. €150 Million spent on upgrading the site and rebuilding the 120 KTPA Ethylene Oxide (EO)/Ethylene Glycol (EG) unit

  14. BP Chemicals divests some Downstream Plants to third parties

  15. money.png

    Antwerp site is sold to BP Chemicals

  16. sitehalf.png

    Union Carbide constructs its first major European Ethylene derivatives site in Antwerp