Here is a brief history of our business purchases and achievements

  1. INEOS Phenol acquires Mitsui Phenols Singapore LTD

  2. site.png

    Announcement of a world scale Cumene unit in Marl, Germany

  3. INEOS Phenol plans to expand its plant in Mobile, Alabama US making it the largest phenol production unit in the world

  4. INEOS Americas LLC acquires Axiall Corporation Aromatics business

  5. antwerp680.png

    Antwerp Plant capacity is increased to 680 KTE/A, making it the world's largest Phenol production site

  6. Debottlenecking of Mobile to 540 KTE/A and Antwerp to 500 KTE/A

  7. money.png

    Acquisition of the Cumene Plant in Port Arthur (500 KTE/A) from Chevron Phillips and the Cumene Plant in Marl (250 KTE/A) from BP, followed by the de-bottleneck of Mobile, Antwerp and Gladbeck

  8. debottleneck.png

    Debottlenecking of Mobile Plant to 440 KTE/A, Antwerp Plant to 450 KTE/A and Gladbeck Plant to 630 KTE/A Phenol

  9. INEOS acquires Phenolchemie and forms INEOS Phenol

  10. sitehalf.png

    Start-up of Mobile Plant in Alabama, USA (400 KTE/A Phenol)

  11. gladbeck620.png

    Final step of the Gladbeck site expansion is completed, bringing phenol capacity to 620 KTE/A

  12. doublecircle.png

    Merger of Degussa AG and Hüls AG resulting in Degussa-Hüls AG

  13. antwerp420.png

    Doubling of capacity at Antwerp Plant (to 420 KTE/A Phenol)

  14. Acquisition by Hüls AG

  15. Start-up of Antwerp Plant in Belgium (200 KTE/A Phenol)

  16. 5050.png

    Veba Chemie AG transferred its 50% share to Hüls AG

  17. Multi-step expansion of the Gladbeck site phenol capacity begins


    Start up of Gladbeck Plant in Germany (8 KTE/A Phenol)

  18. Founding of Phenolchemie in Gladbeck, Germany