On 3 April 2019, the Court of Appeal varied an Order of the High Court dated 12 December 2017 relating to various injunctions protecting the interests of INEOS Shale (and associated companies) ("INEOS"), its supply chain and its landlords from unlawful activity posed by activists opposed to hydraulic fracturing.

The injunctions were originally granted at a hearing on 28 July 2017, in light of the mounting opposition, threats and unlawful conduct faced by shale gas operators.  In the proceedings in the High Court, the Court held that the risk of the infringement of INEOS’ rights was imminent and real and granted interim injunctions against four categories of 'Persons Unknown', defined by reference to the unlawful conduct prohibited. Such unlawful conduct included trespass on INEOS’ land and unlawful interference with INEOS' right of access to its land.

Pursuant to the Order of the Court of Appeal dated 3 April 2019, the High Court Order dated 12 December 2017 was varied so that the injunctions, with effect from 3 April 2019, applied to prohibit unlawful conduct in the form of trespass on INEOS' land and unlawful interference with INEOS' right to access INEOS' land by 'Persons Unknown'.

Following a hearing on 6 July 2022, and upon an application made by INEOS, the injunctions were discontinued.

A link to the Notice of Discontinuance of the injunctions is set out at the bottom of this page.

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Notice of Discontinuance