Stephen Tindale to provide Consultancy Services to INEOS Shale

Stephen Tindale, the climate and energy consultant is to provide INEOS Shale with consultancy services related to climate change.

Gary Haywood CEO of INEOS Shale said, “We are delighted that Stephen has agreed to work with us and provide his perspective and insight into climate change issues and the role that gas plays in the solution. Stephen’s knowledge of and experience in environmental issues including his time spent as adviser to previous Environment Ministers and as Executive Director of Greenpeace UK will provide a unique perspective.

We can see that the public debate on shale gas extraction is rapidly moving away from the scare stories as more people find out the facts and the issue is now firmly about climate change. In addition to helping us in our thinking around the climate change issues we also hope that Stephen will assist us in achieving a meaningful dialogue with green groups about the rationale for onshore gas production in the UK.”

Stephen Tindale said, “I have been arguing the climate, energy security and human rights case for UK shale gas since 2014, so am pleased to have this opportunity to advise INEOS shale on their approach. I’m particularly pleased to have been asked to try to arrange discussion between INEOS and green groups. Dialogue between those of differing opinions is central to democratic debate, and INEOS is keen to talk to those who oppose the development of UK shale gas – to outline its perspective, but also to listen and learn.“


About Stephen Tindale:

Co-founder of Climate Answers. Stephen is a climate and energy consultant who has worked on these issues since 1989.

His previous roles include:

  • Executive Director of Greenpeace UK and chair of the Greenpeace European Unit.

Adviser to UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher.

Lecturer in Environmental Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London.
Senior Research Fellow on environment and energy at the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Policy Adviser to Shadow Environment Secretary Chris Smith and secretary of the Labour Party Policy Commission on the Environment, which produced In Trust for Tomorrow. (This originally proposed the UK’s target of 20% carbon reduction target by 2010.)

Diplomat, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including work on Soviet foreign policy and a posting to Pakistan. While he was growing up, his parents lived in the Middle East, Africa and the United States.

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