INEOS KOH is a leading producer of potassium-based chemicals in North America and a strategically located producer of chlorine.

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INEOS KOH manufactures and markets potassium-based chemicals, most notably potassium hydroxide, as well as chlorine. It serves a wide variety of end-use markets including liquid fertilizers, runway de-icers, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural applications. The business employs around 110 people at its site in Ashtabula, Ohio, close to INEOS Pigments operations. The recently commissioned membrane cell technology chlor-alkali unit utilizes INEOS’ BICHLOR™ technology and puts INEOS KOH in a leading position in chlor-alkali production technology.

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INEOS KOH produces top-quality end-use Potassium products which offer applications in a host of different industries and markets.

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This section details the selection of chemicals produced within INEOS KOH's States-based chlor alkali plant.

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