INEOS expands Eltex® MED

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe today announces the expansion of its Eltex® MED portfolio into a full range offer including PP (homopolymer, random, terpolymer), HDPE, and LDPE.

Building on its success demonstrated with the Eltex® MED LDPE range together with its continued developments in key applications such as syringes and inhalers, INEOS O&P Europe now provides its customers with Global availability for its full Medical grade range. The upgrade of the Eltex® MED portfolio meets the worldwide requirements of its key customers and assists the needs of manufacturers in development regions.

“The combination of our strong polyolefin heritages and market lead in several applications, together with the expertise and excellent service INEOS already provides in critical Medical sectors is the platform of our success”, says Pierre Lasson, Polyolefins Sales Director

Eltex® MED means consistent product specification and long term commitment into the market. These grades are compliant with European Pharmacopeia, USP class VI, filed under DMF. These essential requirements are assured for all our Eltex® MED LDPE grades.

  • Eltex® MED LDPE: Solutions for Blow-Fill-Seal, Film and IM applications
  • Eltex® MED HDPE: Solutions for Syringes, Pharmaceutical rigid packaging
  • Eltex® MED PP: Solutions for Inhalers, Syringes, Medical Pouches and IM applications

All product information on our Eltex® MED range can be found by visiting our products page, where information on certifications and regulations may also be obtained.

For further information please contact:

Ignacio Peñaranda
Commercial & product availability enquiries

Michel Gorgerin
Technical & product development enquiries

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