Mechanical Recycling - Hybrids

INEOS O&P Europe is at the forefront of a new, ‘hybrid’ approach that combines mechanically processed post-consumer recyclates (PCR) with highly engineered virgin polymers. 

New hybrid image.pngOur hybrid polymer range, Recycl-IN, meets consumer demands for an increase in the use of recycled materials while retaining the properties and high performance specification needed by converters and brand owners.

Using Recycl-IN polymers also reduces emissions by 25-50% compared to the use of 100% virgin fossil-based polymers.

INEOS achieve this through strategic partnerships with our value chain partners, from waste management companies to plastics recyclers such as ViridorSaicaForeverplast. We incorporate PCR content that is suited to most polymer conversion technologies. By providing a value-added use for recycled polymers, and by making long term commitments to our partners, INEOS is playing an active role in increasing recycling rates across Europe.



Creating a more sustainable fan zone with Recycl-IN polymers

We helped a customer create 24,000m2 of artificial turf from Recycl-IN polymers containing high levels of recycled materials for the eye-catching fan zone in Berlin – here’s how:

Recycl-IN, our hybrid polymer range, creates more circular solutions for cosmetic packaging by enabling customers to manufacture multiple different items using just one grade. Watch this short animation for how. Batch-specific NIAS testing has been conducted to ensure the safety of the rPP2030C ahead of the expected receipt of an FDA no-objection letter relating to the recycled materials in the future. Results are available upon request to enable cosmetics safety assessments to be conducted.

Stress crack resistance and processability

This Recycl-IN grade performs at the same level as the virgin polymer used to make these types of applications.

Polyclear 250w.jpgA new hybrid polyethylene grade, part of the Recycl-IN range, is causing a stir in the packaging industry with major UK player, The Polyclear Group, working alongside INEOS to deliver novel solutions to shrink film applications. The new polymer is a ready-to-use hybrid low density polyethylene (LDPE) compound containing 60% post-consumer recyclate and supplied in a pellet form.

INEOS has applied its extensive product and technical expertise from across its European operations to deliver a range of Recycl-IN grades for packaging and pallet wrapping that exhibit the same characteristics as those of virgin polymers. These new polymers support a more sustainable and circular approach, directing plastic waste from landfill back into valuable polymer products.

More on Polyclear story

Polyolefin mechanical recycling is widely established across Europe. The availability of polyolefin waste is high and there are well-established technologies to process it. However, the quality and physical properties of plastic waste degrades and the range of suitable applications becomes more limited each time it goes through a mechanical recycling process. 

Mechanical recycling also faces the challenge of product residues, pigments and by-products such as adhesives from packaging labels, which also reduce the usability of the recycled product.

Our Recycl-IN hybrid range combines high percentage PCR content with ease-of-processing, mechanics and optics in line with virgin grades, making them a drop-in solution for customer needs in technically demanding applications.

INEOS' R&D capabilities

INEOS applies its R&D expertise to ensure the Recycl-IN range makes a real difference:

  • Developing highly engineered ‘booster’ polymers
  • The capability to compound them with post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Working with customers to fine tune the final ‘recipes’ to ensure the polymers deliver the performance customers, brands and consumers need

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