Amodrill Drilling Fluids

Below you will find information on Amodrill drilling fluids.

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Environmentally friendly drilling muds based on Amodrill drilling fluids can reduce overall operating costs. INEOS Oligomers offer fluids for both offshore and onshore use. 

Amodrill fluids have positive environmental attributes and can improve penetration rates. INEOS Oligomers offers a range of alpha olefin drilling products to the oilfield drilling arena which include linear alpha olefins, olefin blends and polyalphaolefins. These clear, colorless, water-white mobile liquids have been used in marine drilling environments for more than a decade. In land trials, low density Amodrill LAO fluids have led to improved penetration rates.


These products offer a number of positive environmental attributes, including:

  • Reduced exposure to fugitive emissions of aromatic compounds vs. diesel or mineral oil materials
  • Low volatility
  • Flash points above 100°C
  • Lower odor than diesel oil
  • Rapid biodegradation in soil
  • Low toxicity in soil to bacteria, plants and worms

The following list identifies our products and their typical applications

Offshore Applications:

  • Amodrill® 1000 - Oilfield drilling fluids, standard for US GoM waters
  • Amodrill® 1100 - Oilfield drilling fluids, favored in European waters
  • Amodrill® 1200 - Oilfield drilling fluid used for offshore applications
  • Amodrill® 1230 - Oilfield drilling fluid used for offshore applications
  • Amodrill® 2110 - Additive used to improve lubricity and well bore stability

The following list identifies our products and their typical applications

Land drilling: