Feluy Belgium

INEOS Oligomers Sites Feluy BelgiumINEOS Oligomers’ Feluy plant, located just south of Brussels in Belgium, is the largest Western European producer of linear alpha olefins (LAOs) and the largest European producer of polyalpha olefins (PAOs). Its first operation unit was built by Ethyl Corporation in 1976. In 1991, the PAO unit started its 35,000 tons production, followed one year later by the LAO unit producing 200,000 tons.

In 2000, the LAO production capacity was increased to 300,000 tons, and the PAO production capacity was increased to 70,000 tons.

The Feluy site subscribed to the principles of “Responsible Care” in the early 90s and, with some neighbouring companies founded the “Safety and Environment Commission of the Feluy industrial area”. This Commission also includes representatives of local communities, local and regional authorities, associations of environment defence & protection. Its aim is to promote dialogue, exchanging constructive ideas and ways to protect environment and prevent risks.

The plant has been quality certified to ISO 9001 since 1990 and re-certified to version 2000 in 2004. It was also certified to ISO 14001 – Environment – in 2001, and successfully re-certified in January 2005.

In December 2004, INEOS Feluy received the Green House Gas Emission Authorization from the Environmental & Natural Resources Direction of the Walloon Authorities. This permit has been delivered based on quotas assigned by the Government in respect of the Kyoto Protocol which was implemented on 1st January 05.

The site is part of Essenscia, the Belgian Chemical Federation which completely endorses the « Business Charter for Sustainable Development » from the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).



How to get there by air:

Directions to Brussels-Zaventem
The airport is located about 60 km north of Feluy:

Directions to Brussels South Charleroi Airport
The airport is located at about 30 km west of Feluy:

How to get there by road:

Directions from Brussels Airport

  1. Take direction RE (ring east) "Liège - Namen"
  2. Then follow "Charleroi - Bergen (mons) - Parijs (paris)"
  3. You join the E19 "Bruxelles - Paris"
  4. Take direction "Paris - Mons"
  5. Exit feluy n°20
  6. Turn right - direction Ronquières Feluy Zone C
  7. After the white bridge, turn left
  8. You pass the bridge over the canal
  9. The entry of Ineos Feluy is immediately on your right

Joffre Canada

INEOS Oligomers Sites Joffre CanadaThe Joffre LAO Plant (Prairie Rose Plant) at Joffre, Alberta, began operating in September 2001. A 250,000 metric-ton per year facility, it incorporates world-leading, proprietary technology in the production of linear alpha olefins. The plant is adjacent to a NOVA Chemicals petrochemical complex, which provides it with various utilities and services.

LAOs are a family of chemical intermediates used in the production of other chemicals and final products. Although butene is a gas at room temperature, the primary products, 1-hexene, 1-octene and 1-decene, are typically clear, colourless, water-white liquids. These are normally produced and sold as pure (99+ wt.%) products, but are often blended to meet customer requirements.

LAOs are used in the production of polyethylene, as intermediates for the manufacture of linear plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as raw material to manufacture polyalpha olefins (PAOs) for synthetic lubricants, as a building block for the production of biodegradable surfactants and for a host of other intermediate and final products. Some of INEOS' LAOs are marketed as Amodrill® synthetic-based drilling muds.

Responsible Care Statement

Koeln Germany

INEOS Oligomers Sites Koeln GermanyThe Koeln Site, was founded back in 1957. Today it is the largest chemical company and the third largest industrial employer in Koeln. The site has around 2,000 employees and hosts five INEOS Businesses including INEOS Oligomers. It has an annual turnover of (Euro) 2.6 billion and is the flagship of the INEOS Group. The site consists of 18 different plants and is connected to three major feedstock and product pipelines. It produces more than 4 million tones of product per annum, of which 85% is sold in Germany and the BENELUX Countries to nearly 900 customers. This means that the Site is extremely well located with regard to feedstock supplies and transport of goods to customers. INEOS is an important raw material supplier to the chemical industry in and around the Koeln site.The products that the site makes are key building blocks for the manufacture of plastics, rubbers and fibers. In addition, they are used in solvents and detergents, paints, fertilisers and pesticides, and cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

La Porte USA

INEOS Oligomers Sites La Porte USAThe La Porte site consists of two production trains used to manufacture polyalpha olefins (PAO), marketed under the Durasyn® brand name for use as synthetic lubricants. The first train was completed in 1983; a second train was added in 1989 to increase overall capacity. The PAO manufacturing process is divided into four operations: reaction, quench and wash, hydrogenation and product separation, which result in the production of a range of PAO grades. Our markets are growing worldwide and our objective is to transform this growth into the development of our business and the LaPorte site.

The La Porte site services the NAFTA, South American and Asian markets with shipments via railcar, truck, barge and ship. Our quality system is certified to the ISO-9001:2008 standard as a testament to our operational philosophy of ensuring the right quality the first time all the time.

How to get there by road:

Directions from Houston Hobby Airport

  1. Turn right on Airport Blvd., go 0.1 miles
  2. Turn left on Broadway St, go 1.9 miles
  3. Merge onto i-45 n / us-75 n via the ramp on the left
  4. Merge onto i-610 e via exit 40b toward tx-225 / pasadena
  5. Merge onto tx-225 e via exit 30b toward pasadena/la porte
  6. Take the Miller Cut Off Road exit
  7. Turn left onto Miller Cut Off Road, 0.8 miles on the right

Directions from George Bush International Airport

  1. Exit airport on terminal dr., go 2.9 miles
  2. Merge onto Beltway 8 E / Sam Houston Parkway E via the ramp on the left toward us-59, go 16.3 miles
  3. Merge onto Beltway 8 S / Sam Houston Parkway S via the exit on the left (portions toll) go 7.6 miles
  4. Merge onto tx-225 E toward Pasadena/La Porte
  5. Take the Miller Cut Off Road exit
  6. Turn left onto Miller Cut Off Road, 0.8 miles on the right
  7. 1230 Miller Cut Off Road, gate 10, La Porte, TX 77571

Lavera France

INEOS Oligomers Lavera France SitesFrom the downstream activity of the refinery, the chemicals site transforms the Light Distillate Fuel into monomers (ethylene, propylene, C4 cut, etc). These are then processed on the site to provide a variety of chemicals intermediates. The C4 cut from which the butadiene is extracted contains isobutene that is polymerized on the site to produce polybutene.

Products are sold in bulk in road or rail tankers, and in drums.


The Lavéra site is certified to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) standards.

As far as Quality and Environment are concerned, our policy aims for the following objectives:

  • No harm to people or the environment
  • Our customers' satisfaction

This is achieved by our long-term commitment to the following activities:

  • Risk analysis
  • Implementation of preventive actions in order to minimize those risks and their consequences
  • Reduction of pollution resulting from our installations
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • Quality of our products and how we serve our customers 

Local community

We have built relationships over many years with local schools and universities through:

  • Apprenticeship programme
  • Student trainees
  • Summer jobs
  • Contacts with the Universities and students forums


We have also developed strong partnerships with the local community through:

  • Local community liaison - schools, local councils, HSE, Environmental agencies
  • Community funding for local projects like “Folkloric Festival of Martigues”
  • Perfect day funding - Local funding assistance linked to site SHE performance 

How to get there by train:

Directions from Marseille-Saint Charles TGV train station

Marseille-Saint Charles TGV train station is ~ 40 minutes from site.
Aix TGV train station is ~ 30 minutes from site. Their website can be found here: www.Sncf.Fr

How to get there by road:

Directions from Marseille/Marignane Airport

  1. Take the highway a55 to Marseille, direction Marseille-Fos Sur Mer.
  2. After about 10kms you will see a road tunnel, you pass it and on your right you take Marseille/For/Montpellier.
  3. After the tunnel, take the right turn, direction Marseille/For Sur Mer/Montpellier.
  4. Exit at Mertigues Sud and at the traffic lights, go left, and then follow the right lane, along the channel, direction Lavéra.
  5. At the roundabout, take the speed way Lavéra Sud and keep right.

Local preferred taxi service

Taxi Ramage
Phone: +33 (0) 6 09 54 14 14