Walking With the Wounded

INEOS Automotive are supporting Walking With the Wounded’s ambitious 10th anniversary fundraising expedition, traversing the legendary Empty Quarter desert in Oman. The team aims to prove what veterans are capable of, and to support those who served with the often difficult transition to civilian life. 

The INEOS Grenadier, our new 4x4 due to launch in 2022, is all about getting the job done. A rugged, no nonsense off-roader, built to overcome the toughest conditions and tackle challenges head on. 

Walking With the Wounded is a veteran charity that knows all about getting the job done, sometimes in the most challenging of circumstances. It works to help injured former British Armed Forces servicemen and women in their career transition from the military to civilian life, and fundamentally strives to provide vulnerable veterans with security and independence through employment.

When Walking with The Wounded asked for our support during their next fund- and awareness raising expedition, INEOS Automotive was keen to step up. Previous expeditions have seen remarkable teams of injured veterans take on challenges including dragging sleds to the South Pole and climbing Mount Everest, raising awareness of their cause and impressive sums of money at the same time. Walking With the Wounded wanted to celebrate its 10th birthday by marking the occasion with its biggest event yet. 

The charity intends to support a team of veterans make an epic 400km journey on foot through the harsh Empty Quarter desert of Oman, previously tackled by fabled explorers including Wildred Thesiger and Bertrand Thomas. Conditions will be unforgiving, and all the former soldiers will train to drag heavy carts full of vital supplies through the heat and sand every day for more than two weeks. 

Already, a cornerstone donation of £150,000 has enabled the logistics of the expedition to go ahead, and now the INEOS Grenadier team are getting hands on to support its execution. 

INEOS Grenadier

Follow the INEOS Grenadier channels for further news of how we’re getting behind the team and amplifying their message.

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Walk of Oman

The Walk of Oman is an epic adventure brought to you by Walking With The Wounded to showcase the extraordinary courage of the men and women who have been injured, both physically and mentally, while serving their country.


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