PIA (purified isophthalic acid), TMA (trimellitic anhydride) and MAN (Maleic Anhydride) are chemical products used for a wide range of products, including in packaging.


PIA is a white, free-flowing crystalline powder. 

As a coating, PIA: 

  • Produces high molecular weight polymers for hardness, flexibility, weatherability, and fast cure in waterborne, powder, and coil coatings; 
  • Enhances hydrolytic stability to improve the shelf life of waterborne coatings;
  • Decreases dry times for high solids and traditional solvent-borne coatings. 

In polyester packaging PIA: 

  • Provides clear bottles in a range of shapes and sizes and thicker preforms for returnable/refillable containers; 
  • Broadens processing window that reduces cycle time and lowers energy requirements; 
  • Improves taste in bottled water without the unpleasant flavor of acetaldehyde; and
  • Reduces permeability to carbon dioxide and oxygen, keeping beverages carbonated and flavorful longer. 

In unsaturated polyester resins PIA: 

  • Provides outstanding resistance to various acids, solvents, and other chemicals; 
  • Offers an excellent combination of moderate cost and high performance often matching that of higher cost, corrosion resistant polymers including vinyl esters and bisphenol A polyesters for many applications; 
  • Has demonstrated exceptional performance in products as diverse as in-situ pipe remediation, gasoline storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, ladder rails and industrial gratings, protective coatings for watercraft, structural automotive parts and boat hulls, and functional and decorative solid surfaces; 
  • Presents ease of synthesis and fabrication in pultrusion, sheet molding compound (SMC), bulk molding compound (BMC), hand lay-up and spray-up, castings, injection molding, resin transfer molding (RTM), reaction injection molding (RIM), centrifugal casting, and filament winding.


TMA is a trifunctional, highly reactive aromatic anhydride.   They are ideal products for high temperature applications such as electrical wire & cable insulation, automobile interiors (retention of softness and elimination of window fogging), appliance gaskets, and flat-roof membranes.  

TMA are also used in PVC medical products, such as haemodialysis tubing, neonatal care and blood platelet storage.    You will also find them in vinyl shower curtains and vinyl upholstery.


MAN – Maleic Anhydride – is a low molecular weight, unsaturated, carboxylic anhydride. The clear, colorless molten product is available in rail tank cars, tank trucks, and ISO (intermodal) tank containers. 

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