Chocolate Bayou Works


Chocolate Bayou Works

The 971 hectare (2400 acre) Chocolate Bayou Works facility is located 45 miles south of Houston and is comprised of two hydrocarbon cracking units and two polypropylene lines, as well as a linear alpha olefins (LAO) plant and a polyalphaolefins (PAO) plant. Chocolate Bayou is one of the largest cracker installations in the USA. The site has access to trucking, barging, rail service, cavern storage and approximately 500 miles of pipeline. Chocolate Bayou produces 3293KT of product per year. The site is certified to ISO 9001 for quality management.

Our products are used in the manufacture of a variety of important consumer products including: automotive parts, antifreeze, lubricants and detergents, food and beverage containers, caps and closures, textiles and carpeting, pipe and fittings, geosynthetic materials, roofing materials, packaging and materials handling, hygienic and pharmaceuticals products, toys, and synthetic rubber for tires and athletic shoe soles, co-monomer in the production of polyethylene, polyalphaolefins (PAO) for synthetic lubricants, surfactants, synthetic drilling fluids and a host of other intermediates.


Operating At This Site

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