The acronym HSSEQ stands for Health Safety Security Environment Energy Quality.


The acronym HSSEQ (Health Safety Security Environment Energy Quality) summarises INEOS Manufacturing Italia’s commitment to protect the health and safety of the workers and consumers, its respect for the environment – starting from the territory where it operates – and the pursuit ofquality.  

INEOS’s HSSEEQ policy targets are: zero incidents/accidents and zero injuries, reduction of water and energy consumption  constant improvement of processes and products, as well as development and research for polyethylene and polypropylene.  

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INEOS Manufacturing Italia’s approach to the protection of people and environment is stated in 20 principles, conceived to concretely handle process and behavioural safety.

The 10 process safety principles are the guidelines for a correct works execution whilst protecting people safety and asset integrity.

The 10 behavioural safety  principles are the guidelines to promote a safe behaviour when operating in the asset, protecting ourselves and the others. The company’s philosophy in matters of safety is also stated in the Life Saving Rules, general and more specific prescriptions that can save people’s lives.


For INEOS Manufacturing Italia, sustainability is not an option but a vital factor for competitiveness and authoritativeness on the markets. Not only what we do is important, but also how we do it, with a sense of responsibility and respect for our values. We are convinced that ethics and profits can coexist and boost each other. This is why we are constantly dedicated to make our processes more efficient, rationalising consumptions, improving procedures and reducing emissions in water and to the atmosphere.

We believe in the development of a circular economy, to which we contribute concretely by reducing production of wastes or enhancing recycling.  

We’re committed to continuously improve the working conditions of our employees, promoting their empowerment and creating development opportunities.

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The certifications awarded by external bodies prove our professionalism and our focus on quality and excellence. Each certification proves our reliability and pushes to more ambitious targets in such important fields like social, environmental and economic sustainability.

INEOS Manufacturing Italia has achieved the following certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Control Management System
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety Management System
  • UNI EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System