The Carson site sits on approximately 7.5 hectares (18 acres) and is located 25 miles south of Los Angeles. It is the only polypropylene production facility located west of the Rocky Mountains. The plant, which is comprised of a polypropylene manufacturing and shipping facility, is uniquely positioned to supply the polypropylene needs of our customers in the western U.S.

With easy access to the Port of Long Beach, Carson can readily supply export quantities of high quality polypropylene to Asia and South America as demand allows. The Carson plant has the logistical advantage of dispatching products to customers directly from the facility via railcar and bulk truck. It is co-located with one of the largest refineries in the Los Angeles basin which provides for a secure and stable source of feedstock. Our Carson polypropylene plant can produce more than 230KT of products per year. The polypropylene resins produced at Carson are used in a variety of consumer applications from packaging to carpeting. Together with our other facilities, Carson produces enough carpet fiber resin each year to carpet 500,000 average sized homes in the U.S.


Operating At This Site