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INEOS is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and operating responsibly in accordance with the law and its Code of Conduct, which is regularly updated and shared with our employees and key external stakeholders. Individually and collectively our teams are accountable for legal compliance, and our requirements and behavioural expectations for all INEOS businesses and their employees are outlined in the code.

The board of each INEOS business is responsible for ensuring that it adheres to INEOS' policies and operates within the law at all times. Legal compliance is a regular item on board agendas. To assist the board, a compliance manager is embedded within each business. The managers lead legal compliance initiatives, are responsible for ensuring INEOS policies are followed, and support the board with the development and implementation of a business compliance plan.

There are four key areas to compliance management that businesses must address:

  1. Anti-bribery & corruption
  2. Anti-slavery, anti-child labour & anti-people trafficking
  3. Anti-trust /competition law
  4. International trade/sanctions


Associations & Initiatives

To reach our ambitions, INEOS also joins forces with numerous European and international associations, initiatives, and partnerships.


To manage compliance day to day, we have appointed Compliance and Legal Managers in each Business.

Delegation & Controls

Although we delegate day to day management of compliance and related matters to each Business executive team, overall governance and assurance to...


Sustainability Reports

Our Sustainability Reports highlight the performance and approach to sustainability for our operations worldwide.

Sustainability Data

Tracking GHG performance across all INEOS sites based on robust performance metrics.