Delegation & Controls

Although we delegate day to day management of compliance and related matters to each Business executive team, overall governance and assurance to our owners is provided by Group Treasury and Group Legal Compliance, whose remit includes:

  • Circulating guidance notes and regular Compliance Updates to the Compliance Managers in the Businesses
  • Providing free Competition and Commercial Law help lines with top external international law firms to which Businesses may refer at any time.
  • Maintaining a Legal Compliance Database with INEOS-wide access containing articles, checklists, process, procedure and guidance documents and links to external resources. Among the documents are sample contract terms covering aspects of compliance law and terms developed for use with agents and distributors.
  • Conducting Compliance Audits of all Businesses and on any acquisition of a new Business.
  • Arranging for new staff to do INEOS compliance training as part of their induction process.
  • Holding Legal and Compliance Conferences which are attended by Compliance Managers and Legal Managers from around the world to review progress, discuss current issues and promote development.
  • Operating a Compliance Network where Compliance Managers regularly contact each other to share best practice