The multi-hectare site is located in Gaines Country, TX, approximately halfway between Hobbs, NM and Seminole, TX.

The site processes Y-Grade natural gas liquids through a deethanizer.The deethanizer further processes the liquids into a product called purity ethane, which is 95 percent or higher pure ethane. The Hobbs deethanizer also has the ability to make E/P, which is approximately 80% ethane and 20% propane. Heavier liquids left over from the deethanizer are fed into the depropanizer. This process fractionates these heavier liquids into 93 to 97 percent pure propane. Propane and heavier leftover liquids (butane +) are sold. E/P is transported via pipeline to the Chocolate Bayou Works for use.


Operating At This Site