The Joffre Linear Alpha Olefins (LAO) plant sits on approximately 46 acres of land located about 20 kilometers east of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Built and commissioned in 2001 by BP/Amoco, the plant was then purchased from BP in December of 2005 by INEOS. The INEOS plant at Joffre is part of a larger petrochemical complex. The origin of the overall site dates back to 1979.

As part of the INEOS Oligomers Business, the Joffre LAO Plant uses INEOS's Ethylene Oligomerization Process (modified Ziegler process) to produce LAO. The family of LAOs produced are typically clear, water-white liquids which are then used for a variety of intermediate products, including: as a co-monomer in the production of polyethylene, as raw material to manufacture polyalphaolefins (PAO) for synthetic lubricants, as a building block for the production of surfactants, as Amodrill® synthetic based drilling fluids and for a host of other intermediate and final products.

Operating At This Site

INEOS Oligomers

The world's largest integrated producer of low viscosity polyalphaolefins