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INEOS expertise in chemicals engineering and materials combined with our entrepreneurial flair, resources and reach has always played an important role in our success. We do things differently. We make change happen and we challenge perceptions. We believe in being bold, fearless, determined, and optimistic. This is evidenced by our ability to enter new markets such as automotive and sports, and, most recently, building four new manufacturing units, in under ten days, in response to the shortage of hand sanitisers in the UK, France, Germany and the US.

From a standing start four sanitiser plants are now producing at the rate of 1 million units per month at each site to World Health Organisation (WHO) specifications. The factories have been set up in the UK, Northern France, Southern France and in Germany, located on existing facilities at INEOS sites using the company's personnel. Two additional facilities will come online in the US shortly. These units operate under the name of a new business to be known as INEOS Hygienics.

The objective has been to meet the needs of front line medical and care services, and extend to "pocket bottle" size units for personal use. These products are essential to minimise the risk of hand to mouth transmission of the COVID-19 virus. And in a world beyond COVID-19 we see new opportunity to meet the public’s needs.

INEOS Hygienics - The new business

The speed and effectiveness of our venture into sanitiser products presents an opportunity to grow our business in international consumer healthcare markets. We will build a new business to produce and market a range of INEOS-branded hygiene products for consumers.

Our products will be positioned to appeal to specific consumer segments based on defined needs and a compelling value proposition. The range will be marketed with brand values, quality and price that stimulates consumer demand and results in uptake through traditional and non-traditional value chains.

INEOS believes in supporting and challenging individuals, working with experts and creating brilliantly effective teams.

We are looking for a Global Head of Brand and Retail, and a Global Head of Packaging Operations, talented leaders, with vision and expertise to help carry this new business forwards.

Global Head of Brand and Retail

You are a marketing executive with more than 15 years of leadership experience within the international consumer healthcare sector. Your expertise is in defining a set of brand values that differentiate your products; you understand how to segment markets based on real-world insights and design and position your offering to provide a solution. Technically astute, you work closely with operations and product developers to ensure that concepts are technically feasible, comply with regulations and can be produced at the required cost, quality and timeliness.  

You are expert at developing and supporting the implementation of marketing plans, defining the product portfolio, packaging, promotion, pricing and channel options. Pragmatic and collaborative, a history of success in this or categories with similar characteristics will be evidence of your expertise. Developing a coherent strategy and storyline for the trade, tracking trade performance and managing promotional spend within budget are essential capabilities. 

Global Head of Packaging Operations

You are a manufacturing operations executive with more than 15 years of experience leading facilities in the packaging and distribution of consumer healthcare products in Europe and US. You have expertise in the specification, installation and operation of blending, bottling and packaging lines, and understand the demands of operating within the dynamic consumer health sector. 

Pragmatic and collaborative by nature, you understand what it takes to get things done and how to operate safe, efficient operations to the highest quality standards and in compliance with the relevant regulatory frameworks. Safety, health and environment, production, logistics, maintenance and capital investment for all INEOS Hygienics facilities worldwide all come within your remit.

More about these positions

These are key management roles. The successful candidates will report to the company’s Chief Operating Officer, and as members of the Business Leadership Team. Both these roles will be based, ideally, in London with regular travel to the company’s facilities and business partners. The package will consist of a competitive base salary plus attractive short and long-term incentives as well as usual benefits.

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