INEOS Coat of Arms

A company the size of INEOS needs a Coat of Arms! Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman, asked Toby Ecuyer (a designer) to prepare one reflecting attributes of INEOS.


  • The hive and bees indicate organisation and industry (a ‘hive of activity’).  Bees are present on the City of Manchester’s coat of arms - Jim’s home city

  • The salamander (an amphibian shown in flames) represents chemistry and science.  In heraldry it is also associated with the virtues of loyalty and courage

  • The diagonal stepped lines highlight upward and stepwise progress (a ‘staircase of growth’)

  • A closed visor represents the helmet of a soldier – we lead from the front.  Helmets of nobility tend to be open (gold for royalty, silver for peers), with vertical bars, as they would frequently reside at the rear of any action

  • Dolphins at the base demonstrate intellectual knowledge and diligence

  • V/V (ie 5/5) contained in the INEOS roundel is a Latin summary of the company’s formation on 5th May (1998)

INEOS has typically grown by purchasing businesses no longer strategic to their parents, and then running them better.  Hence an appropriate motto is,


I came, I bought, I conquered