Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium Metabisulfite (sodium bisulfite anhydrous, sodium pyrosulfite) is a white inorganic crystalline compound.

Sodium Metabisulfite (sodium bisulfite anhydrous, sodium pyrosulfate, SMBS, MBS) is a white inorganic crystalline compound with the chemical formula Na2S2O5.

Sodium metabisulfite is an inorganic compound used as an antioxidant, a preservative in food, or for dichlorination in a broad range of industrial applications.

INEOS Calabrian is the only manufacturer of sodium metabisulfite in North America. Three things set INEOS Calabrian’s sodium metabisulfite apart: exceptional quality, high consistency and a low environmental footprint. 


  1. Cyanide destruction and leaching in the mining industry (Manganese, Gold, Cobalt, Iodine, Nickel and Silver)
  2. Dechlorination in municipal wastewater, pulp & paper, power, and textile water treatment plants
  3. Disinfectant
  4. Water treatment in leather tanning process
  5. Oxygen scavenger
  6. Cherry brining process
  7. Preservative in photo developer solutions
  8. Antioxidant
  9. Used in production of cleaning agents, detergents, and soaps

Chemical Composition

Sodium Metabisulfite, wt% 98.7% min.
Assay as SO2 66.5 min.
Insolubles, wt% ≤ 0.005
Chloride, wt% ≤ 0.05
Thiosulfate, wt% ≤ 0.05
Arsenic, ppm ≤ 1.0
Heavy metals, ppm ≤ 10.0
Iron as (Fe), ppm ≤ 2.0
Selenium, ppm ≤ 5.0
Lead as (Pb), ppm ≤ 2.0

Product meets FCC, ACS, and/or USP standards. Also Kosher and NSF certified.


Ranging from 50lb bags and 3,000lb super sack. Contact us about our bulk capabilities.

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