Corrosion-Resistant FRP

Corrosion-Resistant FRP

With worldwide availability, including dedicated INEOS corrosion experts across the globe, we evaluate your chemical environments and processing conditions to provide real-time material selection support.  We help match you with the right resins to provide longevity and reliability for your processing equipment.

When it comes to corrosion-resistant fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks, pipes and duct, Derakane™ resins by INEOS bring trusted performance.  Derakane™’s assurance is demonstrated through hundreds of case histories, providing decades of chemical containment & transport in a variety of applications including chemical processing, power generation, mineral extraction, pulp & paper and wastewater treatment.

Build a solid specification today with the help of

Lunch & Learn

Join INEOS Composites experts to learn more about solutions for corrosion.

Our Corrosion Team provides free Lunch & Learn seminars for design engineering firms and chemical plants owners.

Seminars include:

  • Managing Corrosion with FRP
  • Inspecting FRP Equipment
  • Resin Chemistry for Corrosion Applications
  • Coating and Linings for Corrosion Service

For more information or to schedule your Lunch & Learn, contact