INEOS Oxide is a versatile and diverse part of the INEOS Group, which is reflected in the markets we are active in.

Our Markets

Many of our products are important chemical intermediates used in the manufacture of various end goods in a variety of markets such as:

Agriculture and Feed - markets.jpg

Agriculture and Feed

INEOS Oxide manufactures a variety of products to address the challenges of modern agriculture, ranging from additives for agrichemical formulations, which improve the efficiency of crop protection formulations, to feed additives that enhance the energy content in animal feed.

Automotive and Transportation - markets.jpg

Automotive and Transportation

INEOS Oxide manufactures a variety of chemicals that address the challenges faced by the transportation industry: fuel economy, emissions reduction, light-weighting, comfort and safety. These include a variety of intermediates and solvents for the manufacturing of brake fluids, tires, coatings, adhesives and interior finishing products.



Chemicals play a critical role in the performance, durability, aesthetics and sustainability of modern construction materials. INEOS Oxide produces solvents, surfactants, defoamers, cement additives and polyols used in polyurethane rigid insulation foams, which help address the needs of this important sector.

Food and Beverage  .jpg

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is under constant pressure to adapt and evolve to meet consumer demand. At INEOS Oxide we help our customers to meet that challenge with the ability to tailor make a range of surfactants, antifoams, defoamers or flavour carrying agents that help reduce food waste and deliver cost-effective processing.

Home and industrial cleaning - markets.jpg

Home & Industrial Cleaning

INEOS Oxide manufactures a range of antifoams, surfactants, dispersants and solvents that enable high-performance fabric care such as high-efficiency laundry detergents, single dose formulations and laundry additives. We also produce chemicals, which improve hard surface cleaning formulations so they clean more efficiently, or help control scale and remove dirt in dish-wash applications.

Oil, Gas and Mining.jpg

Oil, Gas & Mining

INEOS Oxide products are used across natural resource extraction industries, helping to protect equipment, improve efficiency and lower operating costs. INEOS Oxide supplies a range of glycols, H2S scavengers, dispersants and solvents with a wide range of applications within these industries.



INEOS Oxide is the largest monoethylene glycol (MEG) producer in Europe, which is an important building block in the production of PET (one of the most recyclable and recycled packaging materials available).

Paints, Inks and Coatings.jpg

Paints, Inks and Coatings

With a wide range of solvents and co-solvents of varying evaporation rates, coalescents and surfactants that can improve pigment wetting, effective dispersion of ingredients, colour acceptance and stability, as well as help our customers meet strict VOC requirements, INEOS Oxide is engaged in supporting the industry achieving improved performance while minimizing the environmental footprint of architectural and industrial coatings.

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Personal Care and Pharma

INEOS Oxide manufactures a range of surfactants, defoamers, fragrance ingredients and intermediates used in the manufacture of haircare, skincare products or APIs for the pharmaceutical industry. Tailor-made alkoxylates are available from lab to industrial scale to address our customers varying needs.