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Big Boats - A Bold Plan

Whilst European gas production is crumbling, America's is booming. INEOS has a bold, pioneering plan: to ship US ethane gas to Europe bringing competitive advantage from America into Europe. The company has secured 15 year contracts for the purchase, distribution and shipping of ethane from the US, underpinning the economics of its petrochemicals assets in Europe for many years to come.

Four short films document the design and build of highly advanced, sustainable fleet of eight vessels that will be essential in supporting the INEOS plan. They are the largest, most flexible, advanced multigas carriers ever built.

The INEOS Dragon Ships are part of a grand scheme, global in scale, breath-taking in vision. INEOS is investing more than $1bn to ship 800,000 tons a year of US Gas to Europe. 

“People said it couldn’t be done. At INEOS we believe everything is possible.” Jim Ratcliffe.

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