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With an annual manufacturing capacity of over 4 million tonnes per annum, INEOS Phenol is the world's largest producer of Phenol, Acetone, Alpha Methyl Styrene (AMS) and Cumene. We employ around 600 people across five sites, located at: Antwerp (Belgium), Gladbeck (Germany), Marl (Germany), Mobile, Alabama (USA) and Pasadena, Texas (USA).

Our markets are growing worldwide. Our efficient, integrated assets provide a competitive global manufacturing base to grow with our customers, to continue to meet their needs around the World.

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Antwerp, Belgium

The site in the harbour area of Antwerp, Belgium, was constructed in 1992 with its first product appearing in May 1993. INEOS acquired the Antwerp-Doel site in 2001. The initial capacity of 200,000 te/a was quickly expanded to 420,000 te/a four years later. In 2008, when other producers were contracting, production capacity was expanded further to at least 680,000 te/a of Phenol by installing our latest proprietary production technology. As a result, Antwerp became the world’s largest Phenol production facility.

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Gladbeck, Germany

INEOS Phenol GmbH was originally founded in Gladbeck, a town located in the western part of Germany, by Phenolchemie in 1952. The company started Phenol production in 1954 and at that time had a total capacity of 8,000 te/a (metric tonnes per annum) of Phenol and 5,000 te/a of Acetone. Continuous improvement together with selective investments has grown the plant capacity over the years. Our Gladbeck facility is now the largest single train Phenol plant in the world and the second largest Phenol production site globally with a capacity of over 650,000 te/a of Phenol and 400,000 te/a of Acetone. In addition to production, the Gladbeck site is also home to both our technology development group and our European customer service centre.

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Marl, Germany

The INEOS Phenol operations are a part of the Marl chemical park which is located in the northern Ruhr area of Germany. The Marl Chemical Park is the third-largest integrated industrial site in Germany and hosts eighteen different companies. At Marl, we operate the largest cumene unit in Europe a 750,000 te/a plant. This is a highly efficient state of the art unit started up in 2022. The raw materials for the plant (benzene, propylene) are shipped to the site via pipeline, barge and railcar. The resulting cumene is then fed, 17 km via pipeline, to our Phenol plant in Gladbeck. The site also benefits logistically from the nearby Marl harbour waterway connection.

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Mobile, USA

The Mobile, USA production facility started-up in April 2000 with an initial capacity of 400,000 te/a. Over the years we have invested in the site and have broken numerous production records, so much so that the current capacity is in excess of 540,000 te/a, which is the largest single train Phenol facility in the United States and the second largest in the world. The plant is located on the Gulf Coast of Alabama with its’ excellent transportation networks and access to competitive raw materials and utilities.

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Pasadena, Texas USA

The INEOS Phenol Cumene plant in Pasadena, Texas is located on the Houston Ship Channel. In 1978, Pasadena started Cumene production when Georgia Pacific commissioned a 320,000 te/a plant. In 1996, the Cumene plant was the first to convert to the Badger Zeolite Catalyst process. This increased the capacity of the plant to 680,000 te/a. Through increased knowledge of the plant and debottlenecking efforts, the plant capacity is now at 907,000 te/a, which makes it the largest stand alone Cumene plant in the world.

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