Oil and gas liquids from over 50 offshore fields and St Fergus flow through pipelines into FPS.

The Forties Pipeline System (FPS) is a 100% INEOS-owned integrated oil and gas liquid transportation and processing system with a nominal capacity of over five hundred thousand barrels per day (expandable) serving the central area of the North Sea in both the UK and Norway. We have a track record of innovation and are willing to explore with you any options to support your field development and operation. We are open about both the availability of capacity in our pipeline system and the terms and conditions for our service, including our tariff. By being straightforward and customer-focused we step beyond traditional expectations.

FPS transports crude oil and gas liquids from offshore and onshore entry points, processes the liquids at Kinneil and redelivers to the customer Forties Blend crude oil at Hound Point and either raw gas or fractionated gas products at Grangemouth.

FPS has played a major role in the development of the Central North Sea since 1975.  The progressive expansion of our system is underpinned by our experience of working closely with customers to meet the needs of North Sea oil and gas development.  The harnessing of complementary skills and openness to new possibilities and technologies has transformed a safe and competitive oil and gas transportation system into a key tool for progress in the North Sea.

In December 2018, FPS safely transported and processed the 9 billionth barrel of North Sea crude.

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FPS transports crude oil and gas liquids from offshore and onshore entry points. Find out more about INEOS FPS here.

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