A new oil and gas exploration and production business



Currently, there is a moratorium on all unconventional exploration and development. INEOS is in conversation with the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) as to the ongoing moratorium and specifically the science around seismicity risk assessment and operational monitoring. INEOS believe the shale resources in the UK can still play a key role in the UK’s energy provision for the coming decades, reducing imports and helping reduce the UK’s carbon footprint


Our Operations

With extensive licence interests across North and South Yorkshire, the East Midlands and Cheshire in addition to gathering geological information through 2D and 3D imaging technology we are also planning to carry out some exploration drilling, known as coring wells, that will provide detailed information about the rocks 2-3 km below the surface. We are committed to full and open consultation with local communities. When we have formulated exploration plans for any of our licences we will engage with all stakeholders in communities near to proposed sites before submitting planning applications. This will continue through each stage of the process.