INEOS takes its responsibility for the environment very seriously and is fully committed to delivering a record of responsible environmental performance across all its operations.

Environmental Responsibility

We continually strive to meet and where practicable exceed strict safety, health and environmental performance targets and we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations. Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance is our top priority and we are open and honest about such performance, which we publish locally and nationally, as required.

INEOS operates to strict regulations that are set by the national environment agencies, of the countries in which we operate. We are committed to ensuring that our facilities have as low an impact as possible on local people and the environment and we continue to work in close partnership with community groups and other stakeholders to ensure that we are a responsible neighbour.


INEOS aims to be a good and valued neighbour and to maintain the trust of communities living and working close to our sites. Each of our sites has a coordinated approach to building and strengthening their relationships with local stakeholders. This underpins our license to operate.

We believe that regular, clear communications about our operations helps to build trust with our neighbours. It is a demonstration of our commitment to the principles of Responsible Care.

The same principle of consultation that applies to any of our developments in and around our manufacturing sites in the UK would apply well in advance of any shale gas development.

Open, clear communication is a common principle we apply to our community relations but the way we communicate with our neighbours depending upon their needs. In some our locations we host community forum meetings. These forum meetings involve residents Our local community groups share information about the work we do, our track record and local topics of interest.

A Safety Culture

Our commitment to safety starts at the top as a core value of our company.

It is driven through the Executive Boards of each of INEOS' businesses, which are accountable for performance, to all plant operating teams, wherever they are in the world. We support a positive and open environment across our businesses, supported by effective communication between management, employees and contractors and an ongoing programme of investment in safety.

Our management teams and employees know that the sustainable long-term future of our businesses rests on our track record on safety, health and the environment.

Safety, Health and the Environment is the top priority of all INEOS companies.