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INEOS Bamble AS site sits on approximately 220 acres (Rønningen Industrial area)and is located in the south eastern region of Norway, approximately 170 kilometres south of Oslo. The construction of the site took place from 1973-1977 with the Norwegian oil and gas company Saga Petrokjemi as the original operator. The site consisted of 3 Polymer plants, LDPE, HDPE and PP. With shifting ownership through Statoil, Borelais and finally INEOS in 2007, the site today consist of one LDPE plant. The HDPE and PP plants were closed in 2006 and 2008. The site is located 3 km from the INEOS/INOVYN's Rafnes site.

The LDPE plant consists of 2 lines, both being specialised within the food, pharmaceutical packaging and Wire&Cable insulation industry. Polymers for food packaging is mainly for coating of milk and juice cartons as well as caps and closures. Polymers for pharmaceutical packaging is mainly for medical treatment through plastic ampules and plastic bottles for intravenous injection. Polymer for Wire&Cable is for insulation of medium voltage cables. INEOS Bamble have, in recent years, invested heavily in production, transfer and material handling systems as well as into people’s competences to meet these requirements. Closure and demolition of 2 polymer plants also gives an opportunity for attracting new business. INEOS Bamble AS have within their site premises roughly 100 acres of available land. Further they have available utilities for supply of monomer, electricity, steam, air, cooling water, waste water treatment, etc, They offer port facilities with easy ocean access as well as developed road infrastructure connecting to the main motorway adjacent to the site premises, INEOS Bamble AS also have additional 100 acres of partly developed land with easy access to existing industrial utilities and facilities. The site is certified ISO 9001 and 14001 on quality and environmental management.

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