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Supporting our workforce through continuous development and professional growth.

  • Universities An ever growing number of projects in collaboration with universities involving PhD students icon-person.svg
  • Grad Scheme A 5-year duration graduate programme available in 4 countries
  • People 18,000 employees icon-hat.svg
  • TUWAS! Nearly 10 years of inspiring young students from 6 to 12 in Germany with TuWas
  • Apprenticeships Our Koln apprenticeship programme attracts 3,000 applications for 60 places icon-factory1.svg

WE WORK HARD to ensure that INEOS is a rewarding place to work. We encourage an entrepreneurial culture where talent can quickly rise to the top and where people are rewarded for taking the initiative, as well as for high performance. Fresh thinking and new ways of doing things are critical to our ongoing success and are key to innovation across sustainable products and processes.

Many of our employees have joined INEOS from companies such as BASF, Bayer, BP, Dow, Enichem, Hoechst, ICI and Solvay. We are a relatively new company built on a rich heritage. We continue to invest in our people when they join INEOS, building on the extensive industry experience they bring with them from elsewhere.

As we grow our company we have developed new training programmes which include our modern apprenticeship schemes, our PhD strategy and ongoing training for our technicians, engineers, executives and leadership teams.

We aim to attract and develop talented employees to drive our business forward and meet the changing needs of society and our customers.

We value people who relish the freedom we provide and make the most of their creativity and energy



At INEOS we have a distinctive entrepreneurial culture. We employ talented people and encourage them to think beyond their job description. We positively reward those who rise to the challenge and take the initiative. We particularly value those people who relish the freedom we provide to make the most of their creativity and energy. It is an approach that helps us to drive innovation and address the challenges and opportunities that sustainability presents our business.


As a private company we also pride ourselves on being a lean organisation and we avoid bureaucracy. Our flat organisational structure has minimum hierarchy, which helps our overall efficiency and ensures there is plenty of scope for those who want to step up and take the initiative. It also helps us to adapt quickly, something that is particularly helpful when markets change and we need to be faster to react than our competitors. It also helps to put INEOS at the forefront of thought leadership in manufacturing and process technology development.


We recruit and invest in the best people to fit with our culture. A good example is the INEOS Olefins and Polymers (O&P) Leadership Development Programmes which provide further support for our talented staff, developing the skills they will require to drive our business and deliver great service to our customers. Key elements of the programme are our Safety, Health and Environment considerations, embedded within the principles of Responsible Care. These are fundamental to everything we do and guide our performance targets at every level of the business.

The INEOS difference
It is proven that learning through guided experiments and discussions allows children to be more actively stimulated and gains more interest.


MANY OF OUR SITES work with their communities to raise awareness of the value of science and technology to everyday life.

TuWas! in Germany is a good example of INEOS working with communities to raise awareness of science and technology. The programme has been inspiring young students from age 6 to 12, since 2008.Through our investment and financial support in the programme, we are able to contribute to consolidating inquiry-based science education in Germany. Indeed, it is proven that learning through guided experiments and discussions, as well as activities, allows students to be more actively included in what they learn, and being more stimulated they gain more interest.

With this project, we are also able to bring together important stakeholders such as industry, school authorities, governments, etc., around the important matter that is the education of the future workforce of our society.

INEOS supports the very best in chemistry. We believe it is important to have a scientifically-literate society, recognising that the young people we work with may become the next generation of INEOS employees, our suppliers or customers or neighbours.

INEOS invests in bespoke training programmes that combine practical experience alongside academic study, which is providing exceptional graduate engineers.


A HIGHLY SKILLED workforce is vital for the long-term sustainability of our Company. INEOS invests in bespoke training programmes that combine practical experience alongside academic study, which is providing exceptional Graduate engineers.

INEOS investment in bespoke training is key to producing exceptional graduate engineers

Cooperation between INEOS businesses and local universities presents a twofold win, especially in areas such as energy integration with focus on cutting costs and carbon. First we bring expertise and tools from the academic world into our INEOS sites, which encourages creative thinking and innovative solutions; and likewise we invest in young graduates, via Master or PhD theses, thus generating a pool of potential new workforce for our INEOS businesses. These programmes are extremely well regarded. As such, in the case of our Köln site, they attract on average around 3,000 applications per annum for ca. 60 places that are available. 

Since 2012, we have been supporting “Innogrants”, first via École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), then through the Fondation pour l'Innovation Technologique (FIT) programme in Vaud, Switzerland. With this support, we intend to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial culture, which we deeply value. FIT has seen around 250 projects in different fields of technology emerge since 1994, representing around 900 jobs created in Switzerland. We are proud to be able to contribute to developments in clean energy and green chemistry through this ongoing programme.


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