Recruitment, Development & Remuneration

We rely on the creativity, diversity, knowledge, passion, and expertise of our people to drive sustainable business success and achieve a competitive advantage. We value fresh thinking and new ways of doing things. Our core guiding principle is to ‘value and respect’. INEOS encourages an entrepreneurial culture where talent is fostered and developed, and where people are rewarded for taking accountability and delivering both as individuals and within teams. We believe in a healthy body and a healthy mind and support our employees to stay active. Our aim is to provide an environment where everyone can develop to their full potential. INEOS is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and we encourage an adaptable, agile, and forward-looking approach to the way we do business.

We want to develop that innate willingness to learn and push towards increasingly ambitious goals, which means attracting a diverse range of the highest quality candidates for each available position, with recruitment based on merit following the principles of equal opportunity. Through our transparent and fair recruitment process (Careers | INEOS Group), all candidates are kept up to date on the evolution of their application and are objectively reviewed at each stage. We ensure that the staff who undertake our recruitment activities have gone through adequate training.

At each of our locations, where possible, we directly recruit local talent. These local opportunities are supplemented by group-wide initiatives such as our Graduate Engineering Programmes and our European Commercial Programme.

The INEOS young graduate programme

Graduates are assigned a senior manager as a mentor and attend corporate events in the first and third years of the programme. These provide valuable networking opportunities and allow our graduates to meet senior leaders from across INEOS. Candidates participate in interactive sessions and hands-on learning to further develop their understanding of financial management, leadership, and business strategy. We also focus on personal health at the year 3 event, with learning sessions on the importance of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and wellbeing.

During their third year at INEOS our graduates are invited to take part in an adventure of a lifetime: IN NAM. This is the ultimate personal and team challenge aimed to show what is possible when you take the mental brakes off. Graduates are given world class support during the nine months leading up to IN NAM, on their personal and team approach, with past IN NAM graduates and senior executives joining in.

Graduates and young professionals are invited to join the young Climate and Energy Network, which gives them a voice within the company to shape our future direction and make a difference to how INEOS operates today, to 2050, and beyond.

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Our remuneration strategy is to pay above market rates and to reward productive team behaviours.

We have a fixed pay element set annually and linked to individual performance in a given role, and a variable pay element linked to business performance on safety and other goals.

INEOS holds remuneration committee meetings at each level in the organisation. For senior executives, the committee is chaired by INEOS’ Chairman and comprises other shareholders, the Group HR Director, and the relevant business CEO. For senior management, the committee is chaired by the Group HR Director and comprises the Business CEO, the Business Executive team, and the Business HR Director. For more junior employees in a business, the Committee is chaired by the Business CEO and comprises the Business Executive team, relevant senior managers, and the Business HR Director. In addition, the Group HR Director provides assurance that similar standards are being applied across all INEOS businesses, using external references as appropriate.

The actual reward structure varies by country and business, but in all cases, we ensure that our overall compensation is competitive in the appropriate market.

Senior managers through to board members, are rewarded using global benchmarks to ensure consistent treatment at this level and to aid movement and progression within INEOS.