INEOS Aromatics creates innovative solution to overcome logistics constraints

A fully loaded cargo ship departed smoothly from Zhuhai Gaolan port in China on 25 September carrying 8,000 tonnes of purified terephthalic acid, or PTA, and setting sail for the Middle East where it will deliver the product to an INEOS Aromatics customer – the first time INEOS Aromatics in Zhuhai has used an innovative solution called break bulk cargo to overcome logistics constraints and an example of INEOS Aromatics’ global capabilities.

The international supply chain remains disrupted by the COVID pandemic, resulting in an increase in marine freight costs and corresponding reduction in ship and container capacity. A new model called break bulk delivery was needed to overcome the logistics constraints and ensure that combined with supply from INEOS Aromatics’ European team, the total needs of the customer would be met. Break bulk is used to transport cargo that cannot fit into standard-size shipping containers or cargo bins. Instead, the cargo is transported in other, more flexible ways, such as bags, drums and barrels, or by being lifted straight onto a ship.

INEOS Aromatics in Zhuhai pulled together a cross-functional team of colleagues from across sales, logistics, production, and packaging, who worked closely with customers, ports, agents and carriers to overcome the shortage of berth and storage at the port, while preventing the further spread of COVID. Ensuring custom regulations were strictly complied with, they set about improving the loading efficiency. The result is a successful break bulk export trial run, with plans to do more in the future.

INEOS Aromatics’ PTA is used all over the world by the polyester industry to manufacture items such as clothes, carpets and food packaging.

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