Fire Retardant Resins

Specified by both engineers and architects, INEOS fire-retardant resins offer lighter weight and cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction materials such as steel, aluminium, wood, stone and concrete.

Able to be curved, corrugated, ribbed, textured or contoured, these unique products create beautiful designs while adhering to building codes. Extensive testing by our analytics and technical teams ensures the integrity of these materials. Research shows that pound for pound, fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) provide strength and resistance to severe and extreme weather conditions.

Because they are lightweight, cost-effective, corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free, architects and engineers specify Hetron™ and Modar™ resins over more traditional building materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, stone and concrete. INEOS’ line of resins and composite products offer lightweight, cost-effective, corrosion and fire-resistant solutions to your construction challenges while creating award winning and functional designs.

INEOS resins are used to manufacture a wide variety of fire and low-smoke composites that are often specified in some architectural applications including: baseboards, columns, doors, facades, grating, ducting, light poles, moldings and cornices, planters, railings, stairways and window frames.

When it’s your reputation on the line, you can rely on ours. With more than 60 years of successful application experience, INEOS continues to raise the bar for fire-retardant resins.