Marine Application Centers

Our INEOS Marine Application Centers are located in Porvoo, Finland and Dublin, Ohio. These centers support the composite boat builder industry with premium technology systems.

Offering solutions based on performance and processability, meeting all SHE requirements with focus on cosmetic appearance and structural integrity. From high quality Maxguard™ gelcoats and Aropol™ resins to AME premium marine vinyl esters, we have a wide product offering designed to meet the highest marine industry standards.

In our application center we can test and optimize gelcoat properties and performance in a full-scale spray booth, including monitorization of styrene emissions and weatherability. We are also equipped with a vacuum infusion laboratory, integrated into our composite research facilities, dedicated to develop marine specific products and deliver the solution technologies our customers need. Ranging from surface quality improvement and tougher laminate structures to productivity gains, we help our clients in finding the best solutions for them.