INEOS Shale launch a series of information videos to dispel the myths about shale gas

  • INEOS has commissioned a series of educational videos as it kicks off Scotland’s biggest shale gas information programme.
  • The films, called “The Fracking Facts”, will be screened to support INEOS’ presentations at town hall meetings and also be made available online.
  • The videos begin to explain how shale gas extraction works, the issues involved and the benefits to both the country and the local communities.
  • We will be getting out to meet the public across town hall meetings in Scotland and we will also be engaging online for those that can’t make it via our website and through twitter @INEOS_UPSTREAM. 
  • INEOS Shale CEO, Gary Haywood, says, “We have commissioned a series of videos to dispel the myths about Shale gas extraction and to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. INEOS will engage with communities both face to face and online to give people in Scotland a chance to hear the facts about Shale gas extraction.” 

INEOS is today launching a series of educational videos to dispel the myths about Shale gas production as part of the company’s community engagement programme that will be Scotland’s biggest Shale gas information programme

The films, which aim to give the Scottish public the facts about Shale gas extraction, are called “The Fracking Facts” and will be available online and screened at community meetings. The videos will explain how Shale gas extraction actually works, dispel the myths and address common concerns. 

The INEOS shale gas community engagement programme which will include a series of town hall meetings is set to start at mid-April and will continue through this year, in areas where INEOS already holds Shale gas licences and beyond. At these meetings, senior INEOS executives will make themselves available to answer questions about the importance of Shale gas to Scotland and the company’s plans for Shale gas production.

In addition, the company will also be engaging online via its website and through  twitter @INEOS_UPSTREAM to share the facts about Shale gas extraction. 

INEOS Shale Director, Tom Pickering, says, “We know the importance of talking directly to communities about Scottish shale gas and I believe the videos will help start to address some of common concerns. Sadly, not everyone will make it to the meetings so this is why we are also engaging online to reach even more people and explain some of the facts about shale gas production.”

For further information view our series of Information Videos

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